Trakehner Horses for Sale near Milpitas, CA

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Trakehner Mare
Faith's Fantasia, Mare, Bay, 16. 3H, Foaled: 1988, "Faith"| by Pregelstrand..
Portola Valley, California
Portola Valley, CA

About Milpitas,CA

The name Milpitas is the plural diminutive of milpa, Mexican Spanish for "cornfield." The name means "Place of little cornfields." The word milpa is derived from the Nahuatl words milli, meaning "agricultural field," and pan, meaning "on." The name Milpitas, perhaps used by Jose Maria Alviso to name his land grant, Rancho de las Milpitas, may have meant that there had been small Native American gardens nearby because of the rich alluvial soils of the area. The first deed of property sale in Milpitas is found in the Santa Clara County Records General Index 1850–1856 (K-143) and is dated February 14, 1856. It is Juana Galindo Alviso, widow of Jose Maria Alviso, to Michael and Ellen Hughes for 800 acres of land, today the Main Street area south of Carlo Street, although the deed gives the name of the Rancho as Rancho San Miguel, rather than as Milpitas.