About Us

HorseWeb is the world's first (and oldest) horse classifieds website. As crazy as it sounds, we are over a quarter-century old. That is nearly an eternity in internet life-cycle terms!

Launched back in May of 1995, the website began its existence as "everything horse-related," from horse, trailer and saddle classifieds, to news and articles, an event calendar and link directory, etc. If you are old enough to remember what the word "portal" meant back then, then the term "equestrian portal" would accurately describe the HorseWeb of that era.

The website continued to be an online equestrian destination of "everything for everyone" until a few years ago when we decided to concentrate on classifieds and nothing else — only horses for sale and lease, and stallions at stud. All other legacy parts of HorseWeb had to retire.

Believe it or not, after the change was made and HorseWeb's focus became more clear and we transitioned through redesigns and code improvements, the website started seeing moderate growth month after month, while also building a loyal following. Today, HorseWeb is already reaching over one million ad views per month, and this growth trend only continues.

If you are looking to sell a horse, simply register and post your ad. It is absolutely free, as we do not charge any fees. If you are looking to buy (or lease) a horse, simply search through the advanced search and feel free to contact the sellers directly. As a safety precaution, whether buying or selling, dealing locally is always the best way to avoid any potential scams.

If you have any questions or suggestions about any of the new features or improvements, you can always contact us here. (We like to hear those!)