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Fjord Stallion
Gentle and willing boy. Does everything with a smile. No bad habits. One ow..
Carbondale, Colorado
Carbondale, CO

About Glenwood Springs,CO

Glenwood Springs was originally known as "Defiance", a name sometimes still used by local teams or businesses. Defiance was established in 1883, a camp of tents, saloons, and brothels with an increasing amount of cabins and lodging establishments. It was populated with the expected crowd of gamblers, gunslingers, and prostitutes. Town Founder Isaac Cooper's wife Sarah was having a hard time adjusting to the frontier life and, in an attempt to make her environment somewhat more comfortable, persuaded the founders to change the name to Glenwood Springs, Colorado, after her beloved hometown of Glenwood, Iowa. The location of Glenwood Springs, as well as gaining a stop on the railroad, rapidly made it a center of commerce in the area.