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Andalusian Stallion
Beautiful Andalusian cross with long flowing black mane he is absolutely g..
Andover, New Jersey
Andover, NJ

About Kiryas Joel,NY

Kiryas Joel is named for the late Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum, the rebbe of Satmar and driving spirit behind the project. Teitelbaum himself helped select the location a few years before his death in 1979. Joel Teitelbaum, originally from Hungary, was the rebbe who rebuilt the Satmar Hasidic dynasty in the years following World War II. The Satmar hasidim who established Kiryas Joel came from Satu Mare, Romania, known when under Hungarian rule as Szatmár. In 1947, Teitelbaum originally settled with his followers in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, a borough of New York City.