Spanish Mustang Horses for Sale near Lincoln, NE

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Spanish Mustang Mare
Nice mare super beautifull thick mane hangs past her neck and forelock to h..
Plattsmouth, Nebraska
Spanish Mustang
Plattsmouth, NE

About Lincoln, NE

Prior to the expansion westward of settlers, the prairie was covered with buffalo grass. Plains Indians, descendants of indigenous peoples who occupied the area for thousands of years, lived in and hunted along Salt Creek. The Pawnee, which included four tribes, lived in villages along the Platte River. The Great Sioux Nation, including the Ihanktowan-Ihanktowana and the Lakota, located to the north and west, used Nebraska as a hunting and skirmish ground, although they did not have any long-term settlements in the state. An occasional buffalo could still be seen in the plat of Lincoln in the 1860s.