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For SALE or TRADE . . . Dee Dee has had colts in the past and they are fant..
Duchesne, Utah
Quarter Horse
Duchesne, UT

About Duchesne, UT

18 September 1776 The Dominguez–Escalante Expedition came from the east where they crossed Blue Bench and descended into the valley north of the present-day town of Duchesne. "We ascended a not very high mesa [Blue Bench] which was level and very stony, traveled about three quarters of a league including ascent and descent, crossed another small river [Duchesne River] which near here enters the San Cosme ( Strawberry River), named it Santa Caterina de Sena, and camped on its banks." "Along these three rivers we have crossed today there is plenty of good land for crops to support three good settlements, with opportunities for irrigation, beautiful cottonwood groves, good pastures, with timber and firewood nearby." 1822–1840 French Canadian trappers Étienne Provost, François le Clerc, and Antoine Robidoux entered the Uintah Basin by way of the Old Spanish Trail and made their fortunes by trapping the many beaver and trading with the Uintah tribe. From these French Canadian trappers the Duchesne River and ultimately Duchesne City received its name. 1900–1905 Leases were arranged with the Ute tribe through the Indian agent "Major" H.P. Myton to provide pasture for sheep in and around where Duchesne city is located now.