Paso Fino Horses for Sale near Alpine, TX

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Paso Fino Stallion
5 year old grey Paso with gentle nature. About 40 rides, has never bucked..
Alpine, Texas
Paso Fino
Alpine, TX

About Alpine,TX

The area had been a campsite for cattlemen tending their herds between 1878 and the spring of 1882, when a town of tents was created by railroad workers and their families. Because the section of the railroad was called Osborne, that was the name of the small community for a brief time. The railroad needed access to water from springs owned by brothers named Daniel and Thomas Murphy, so it entered into an agreement with the Murphys to change the name of the section and settlement to Murphyville in exchange for a contract to use the spring. In November 1883, the Murphys registered a plat for the town of Murphyville with the county clerk of Presidio County. The town's name was changed to Alpine on February 3, 1888, following a petition by its residents.