Paso Fino Horses for Sale near Grand Rapids, MI

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Diesel - Gelding in Casnovia, MI
This. Horse swims Camps Goes for miles without tiring Neck reins Spins on a..
Casnovia, Michigan
Paso Fino
Casnovia, MI

About Grand Rapids,MI

For thousands of years, succeeding cultures of indigenous peoples occupied the area. Over 2000 years ago, people associated with the Hopewell culture occupied the Grand River Valley. Later, a tribe from the Ottawa River traveled to the Grand River valley, fighting three battles with the Prairie Indians who were established in the area. The tribe later split, with the Chippewas settling in the northern lower peninsula, the Pottawatomies staying south of the Kalamazoo River and the Ottawa staying in central Michigan. By the late 1600s, the Ottawa, who occupied territory around the Great Lakes and spoke one of the numerous Algonquian languages, moved into the Grand Rapids area and founded several villages along the Grand River.