Paso Fino Horses for Sale near Thousand Oaks, CA

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Paso Fino Mare
2 1 / 2 year old filly. Loves people, willing to please, can do anything w..
El Monte, California
Paso Fino
El Monte, CA

About Thousand Oaks,CA

Chumash people were the first to inhabit what is now called Thousand Oaks, settling there over 10,000 years ago. It was home to two major villages: Sap'wi ("House of the Deer") and Satwiwa ("The Bluffs"). Sap'wi is now by the Chumash Interpretive Center which is home to multiple 2,000 year-old pictographs. Satwiwa is the home of the Native American Indian Culture Center which sits at the foothills of Mount Boney in Newbury Park, a sacred mountain to the Chumash. A smaller village, Yitimasɨh, was located where Wildwood Elementary School sits today.