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Morgan Mare
Sweetest filly ever! Would rather be with people than her dam! Already in..
Cold Spring, Minnesota
Cold Spring, MN

About Cold Spring,MN

Originally home to the native Ojibwe, Winnebago, and Dakota people, Cold Spring was platted in 1856, and named for the fact there were many springs near the original town site. A post office has been in operation at Cold Spring since 1857. German-speaking Catholics settled in the area, lured by the Slovenian missionary priest Francis Xavier Pierz, who had submitted letters and advertisements to the major German-language newspapers across the United States, like Der Wahrheitsfreund ( The Friend of Truth), and in Europe, urging "good, pious" German Catholics to venture to the Sauk River Valley of central Minnesota. Pierz described the Sauk River Valley as a “land flowing with milk and honey” as well as safe from disease and anti-Catholic oppression. During the grasshopper plagues of the 1870s, Assumption Chapel, also known as the Grasshopper Chapel, was built in petition for relief from the locusts.