Fjord Horses for Sale near Keene, NH

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Fjord Stallion
Great Gelding, Loves to jump, now jumping three foot, with the potential to..
Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts
Shelburne Falls, MA

About Keene,NH

In 1735 Colonial Governor Jonathan Belcher granted lots in the township of "Upper Ashuelot" to 63 settlers who paid five pounds each. : 21–22 Settled after 1736, it was intended to be a fort town protecting the Province of Massachusetts Bay from French and their Native allies during the French and Indian Wars, the North American front of the Seven Years' War. When the boundary between Massachusetts and New Hampshire was fixed in 1741, Upper Ashuelot became part of New Hampshire. In 1747, during King George's War, the village was attacked and burned by Natives. : 79 Colonists fled to safety, but would return to rebuild in 1749.