Bashkir Curly Horses for Sale near Saint Louis, MO

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Bashkir Curly Mare
Sassy is a wonderful Mustang / Curly mare for intermitiate youth / adult r..
Highland, Illinois
Bashkir Curly
Highland, IL

About Saint Louis,MO

Historical affiliations Kingdom of France 1690s–1763 Kingdom of Spain 1763–1800 French First Republic 1800–1803 United States 1803–present The area that would become St. Louis was a center of the Native American Mississippian culture, which built numerous temple and residential earthwork mounds on both sides of the Mississippi River. Their major regional center was at Cahokia Mounds, active from 900 to 1500. Due to numerous major earthworks within St. Louis boundaries, the city was nicknamed as the "Mound City".