Bashkir Curly Horses for Sale near Fairfield, CA

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Bashkir Curly Stallion
DRY CREEK TWISTEAR GRANDSON!! Born 7 / 15 / 01. Flaxen sorrel curly pony co..
Livermore, California
Bashkir Curly
Livermore, CA

About Fairfield,CA

According to the City of Fairfield website, Native Americans, such as those from the Ion culture, settled in the Rockville and Green Valley areas. Artifacts that have been found from some of the earliest human inhabitants of the Fairfield area are dated to be around five to six thousand years old, making them some of the oldest Native American settlements in Northern California. The first European contact came in 1810 when the Spanish army was ordered to attack the Suisun Indians. In 1835 the Mexican General Vallejo was so magnanimous in victory over the Indian Chief Sem Yeto that the chief later became his ally in conflicts against other tribes. In 1837 the Indian Chief Solano received the Rancho Suisun Mexican land grant.