Western Pleasure Horses for Sale near Beaver, UT

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Quarter Horse Mare
Registered AQHA buckskin. Her bloodlines are Impressive / Leo on top and Th..
Cedar City, Utah
Quarter Horse
Cedar City, UT

About Beaver, UT

Butch Cassidy, born here, became a notorious outlaw in the American West Philo T. Farnsworth, inventor of several critical electronic devices that made television possible, including the image dissector tube. He was the first to create table-top nuclear fusion [ disambiguation needed ] [ citation needed ] and fusor. Richard LaVon Griffiths, also known as "The Beaver Kid" and "Groovin' Gary," graduated from Beaver High School and worked in Beaver for most of his life. He is best known as the eccentric, honest, and charming subject of the cult-film The Beaver Trilogy.