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Your search for Pleasure Driving Horses for Sale near Kingfisher, OK didn't yield any ads in a 50-mile radius. Some horse breeds, colors or disciplines in certain locations might be a rare find and it is recommended that you broaden your search to Kingfisher, OK or Horses.

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About Kingfisher, OK

Kingfisher came into existence on April 22, 1889, when land owned by the federal government was opened to settlement by " land run". A huge area in what is now central Oklahoma was literally "peopled" by Americans overnight. The city is situated on a part of the Chisholm Trail, over which millions of Texas longhorns were driven to railheads in Kansas in the years immediately following the Civil War. Extension of the railroads and settlement of the open range ended this colorful era. The town was named for an early resident who several landmarks were named for, a man named King Fisher.