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Your search for Pleasure Driving Horses for Sale near Chatham, NJ didn't yield any ads in a 50-mile radius. Some horse breeds, colors or disciplines in certain locations might be a rare find and it is recommended that you broaden your search to Chatham, NJ or Horses.

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About Chatham, NJ

The newly established, post- revolutionary war, state of New Jersey went through several stages setting out how its local governments would be structured. Once boroughs became available after 1878, Chatham Township lost all but one of the villages between 1889 and 1899, including Chatham Borough (settled in 1710), that had been drawn into it in 1806 as they seceded. Only Green Village, another early town like Chatham that dates to colonial times, was left under jurisdiction of "Chatham Township". On August 19, 1892, the citizens of Chatham reincorporated with another type of village government offered as an alternative within townships by New Jersey. The village of Chatham then reincorporated for governance as a borough by an Act of the New Jersey Legislature on March 1, 1897 with complete independence from Chatham Township.