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Your search for Pleasure Driving Horses for Sale near Gulfport, MS didn't yield any ads in a 50-mile radius. Some horse breeds, colors or disciplines in certain locations might be a rare find and it is recommended that you broaden your search to Gulfport, MS or Horses.

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About Gulfport, MS

This area was occupied by indigenous cultures for thousands of years, culminating in the historic Choctaw encountered by European explorers. Along the Gulf Coast, French colonists founded nearby Biloxi, and Mobile in the 18th century, well before the area was acquired from France by the United States in 1803 in the Louisiana Purchase. By the Indian Removal Act of 1830, the United States completed treaties to extinguish Choctaw and other tribal land claims and removed them to Indian Territory, now Oklahoma. In that period, the other four of the Five Civilized Tribes in the Southeast were also removed, to make way for white settlers to take over the lands and develop them for agriculture, especially cotton. An early settlement near this location, known as Mississippi City, appeared on a map of Mississippi from 1855.