Missouri Fox Trotters for Sale near Rockville, MD

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Missouri Fox Trotters for Sale near Rockville, MD

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  1. Missouri Fox Trotter
  2. Maryland

About Rockville,MD

Situated in the Piedmont region and crossed by three creeks ( Rock Creek, Cabin John Creek, and Watts Branch), Rockville provided an excellent refuge for semi- nomadic Native Americans as early as 8000 BC. By the first millennium BC, a few of these groups had settled down into year-round agricultural communities that exploited the native flora, including sunflowers and marsh elder. By AD 1200, these early groups (dubbed Montgomery Indians by later archaeologists) were increasingly drawn into conflict with the Senecas and Susquehannocks who had migrated south from Pennsylvania and New York. Within the present-day boundaries of the city, six prehistoric sites have been uncovered and documented, along with numerous artifacts several thousand years old. By the year 1700, under pressure from European colonists, the majority of these original inhabitants had been driven away.