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Tennessee Walking Stallion
Clem is a beautiful 10 yr. old TWH Gelding. He has a very smooth gait and ..
Sycamore, Illinois
Tennessee Walking
Sycamore, IL

About Somonauk,IL

The name "Somonauk" is of Pottawatomie origin. The name is most likely derived from the phonetic phrase As-sim-in-eh-kon, which translates to "pawpaw grove", in reference to the vast groves of pawpaw trees that filled the area at that time. A Native American treaty signed by then president Andrew Jackson from June 29, 1829, references four sections of land being reserved for Chief Awn-kote (Shickshack) and his band of 171 villagers "at the village of Saw-meh-naug along the Fox and Illinois Rivers". (Temple, p.148) The Saw-meh-naug, along with the other Pottawatomie of the Illinois River (known as the Prairie Group), as well as the Sauk and the Chippewa, had aided the U.S. in the Black Hawk War .