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Welsh Pony Stallion
"Quinn" is a lovely pony, with a very welshie head, smooth lines from poll..
Reardan, Washington
Welsh Pony
Reardan, WA

About Wilbur,WA

Just prior to the construction of the Central Washington Railroad line in 1889, no towns existed west of Davenport in Lincoln County. One place along the line, "Wild Goose Bill's Ranch," run by Samuel Wilbur Condit, was assigned a post office by the Federal government. Condit was 62 years old and known throughout the region as Wild Goose Bill when he and another man shot each other to death on Jan. 21, 1895 Condit platted the town that bears his middle name "Wilbur," though he didn't have anything to do with the naming. Goosetown was a consideration, until the blacksmith's wife complained that she would never live in a place with such a silly name.