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Thoroughbred Mare
maggie is a 6 yr tb mare. she is very sweet. she is getting really good wit..
Huddleston, Virginia
Huddleston, VA

About Lynn, MA

Prior to European colonization, the area today known as Lynn was inhabited by the Naumkeag people. The English settled Lynn not long after the 1607 establishment of Jamestown, Virginia—the first successful English colony in North America—and the 1620 arrival of the Mayflower at Plymouth. European settlement of the area was begun in 1629 by Edmund Ingalls, followed by John Tarbox of Lancashire in 1631. The area today encompassing Lynn was originally incorporated in 1629 as Saugus, the Nipmuck name for the area. A noteworthy early Lynn colonist, Thomas Halsey, left Lynn to settle the East End of Long Island, where he and several others founded the Town of Southampton, New York.