Gypsy Vanner Gelding

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Gypsy Vanner
3 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
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14.0 hh
Foal Date
United States
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Gypsy Vanner Gelding for Sale in Sonora, CA

Remmi is a 10 year old 14.2hh Gypsy vanner Gelding. I've had him for about just over a year, I took him on as a project. Unfortunately due to school I haven't had much time with him, and now my husband and I are expecting a baby. Remmi has to much potential to just be sitting, so with a heavy heart I have decided to sell him. Remmi needs an experienced rider, who has the time to put miles on him. He needs a lot of confidence boosting. I have ridden him a few times, mostly is a dressage saddle and a halter, he respected the halter just fine. I also have ridden him in a simple D ring snaffle and he had no problem with that either. Under saddle Remmi is good, no rearing or bucking. Though he does have a little attitude when you ask for anything faster then a trot. I have worked Remmi on the g
... more»round, he needs a lot of work in that department. He likes to shut down and no matter what I do he wont move for the life of him. Remmi ties,bathes and trailers, but like I said I haven't been able to work with him the past few months. Remmi has such a great little personality, I've taken him over some low poles and at first he had no idea what was happening but after I convinced him everything was fine he went right over them no problem. Like I said he needs some major confidence boosting. Remmi is currently barefoot and has had absolutely no problems. He is a super easy keeper, keeps his weight in winter. In fact he's always the fastest one out there. I'm looking for the perfect home for him, it breaks my heart to have to sell him. please message me for pictures and videos.

About Sonora, CA

Founded by Mexican miners — many experienced ones from the state of Sonora, Mexico — during the California Gold Rush. Sonora was once a booming center of industry and trade in California's Mother Lode. Most of the gold that was removable with traditional mining techniques was quickly extracted, leaving miners to use more complex and expensive mining techniques to reach deep pockets of quartz and gold. Sonora as well as other mining towns of the era experienced economic hardship when the value of gold decreased. As easier accessible gold deposits dried up, businesses and miners realized extracting the gold cost more than it was worth.

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