1st-2nd Level Friesian for Sale

3 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
Reg Number
16.0 hh
Foal Date
April, 2015
United States
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Friesian Gelding for Sale in sausalito, CA

The cuddly friendly gelding named Eminence is one SPECIAL boy!!! 165cm, which translates to just over 16 hands and STILL GROWING! 4 Yrs. old, born 3/31/15, from the GOLD STANDARD, stam line 50, with an INCREDIBLE pedigree: Ster + Pref-Ster+Pref-Model+Pref-Model+Pref LOW 2.54% inbreeding This is a NICE full pedigree, with sport in it---Eminence is sired by Maurits SPORT and dams sire is the one and only ANTON SPORT—this boy is bred to be the top of his field in SPORT!!! Eminence excels in dressage and trail riding, not spooky! And he is a good worker! Super sweet, gentle and kind. If you are looking for a horse that is used to being ridden outside, ANYWHERE, and by himself, Eminence is a GOOD one. He has 3 fluid gaits, and a beautiful head with friendly eyes. And just check out his full long mane and tail….Nice hair and jet black coat! Eminence is good for amateur riders, and also has much potential for higher levels!! He is not hot, and yet not slow and lazy. This is a rare GORGEOUS boy who has the so sought after competition experience, competing in L2 dressage with high scores---he was second both times at his first competition and was very easy to ride and show at the competition, not at all distracted! Not only is Eminence an amazing horse to ride, he also has a sporty build, which makes him a great performance horse for any discipline. You will get lost in his sparkling eyes, and watch him FLOAT. His coat is black as can be, with poodle like feathers. Eminence is a rare friesian, with his whole life ahead of him that is already competing in both ridden and driven dressage! This boy has the natural ability to take YOU up the levels in whatever discipline you want to do! In dressage, he is already doing long and collected gaits, and excellent leg yields. He moves off the hind with great power. He is very responsive to the aids. Really a dream horse to ride. We currently have a large selection of well-trained FRIESIANS❤️ Check out all the prices at BlackSterlingFriesians.com Call Janna at 415-272-2112, email janna@blacksterlingfriesians.com, and see Blacksterlingfriesians.com for more videos!

About sausalito, CA

Sausalito was once the site of a Coast Miwok settlement known as Liwanelowa. The branch of the Coast Miwok living in this area were known as the Huimen (or as Nación de Uimen to the Spanish). Early explorers of the area described them as friendly and hospitable. According to Juan de Ayala, "To all these advantages must be added the best of all, which is that the heathen Indians of the port are so faithful in their friendship and so docile in their disposition that I was greatly pleased to receive them on board." Such placidity was likely a contributing factor to their complete displacement, which took place within the span of a few generations. As historian Jack Tracy has observed, "Their dwellings on the site of Sausalito were explored and mapped in 1907, nearly a century and a half later, by an archaeological survey.

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