Kid Broke Western Pleasure, Speed, and Lesson Horse all In ONE!

Quarter Horse
3(1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
Registry Number
15.0 hh
Foal Date
Jan 2000
United States
Western Pleasure 

Quarter Horse Mare for Sale in Sheridan, AR

Lucky Old Gold aka Maggie Western Pleasure and walk trot is her main classes. But has also been shown in hunter under saddle and ranch horse and did very well. She does a little bit of horsemanship but needs some more work in this area but catches on quicklu. She is also used as a lesson horse, baby sitter, parade horse, and trail riding. Maggie has also been ran in flags, keyhole and barrel pick-up. She is a 9 second flag horse. You can run her in flags, change saddles and she works just as good if you hadn't run her. She does know the barrels and poles from being used in lessons. She needs some work on tighter end turns but knows the basics for a kid wanting to have fun. She has great bloodlines. She has had several colts before I bought her and all have been sucessful. Both of her grandchildren have been top 10 at the Arkansas State Horse Show in both western and english. She does have allergies during the summer but if kept put up with a fan during the heat of the day and given benadryl daily she does just fine. She is for sale at no fault of her own, just after 10 years of pleasure I want to try some different classes. She has placed in both Walk Trot 11 and Up and Youth Western Pleasure at the Arkansas State Championship Horse Show multiple times. Was used as a broodmare at one point in time, and produced beautiful show quality foals. Pictures and Videos at request Priced at $6,500 obo Call or text 870-484-2306 for more information.

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