Painted Tennessee Walker

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Tennessee Walking
2 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
Reg Number
6.0 hh
Foal Date
January, 2008
United States
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Tennessee Walking Mare for Sale in 16407 halfmoon W Santa Fe, TX

13 year old mare the is painted brown and white. Trained Tennesse Walker. Great trail riding or going for a ride horse. Has some spunk but never bucked. She has a beautiful gait that could be a show horse. It was my moms horse. She was a pokice Officer and was injured serving the citizens ang MS. She still was able to ride Sassy. We grew up with quarter horses, rodeo, and my mom with 3 walkers. My mom and I acclaimed her to as much items that you woukd come across like a lunging barking dig, vehicles, other horses, ride many places. Sometimes she will try to get back to the barn if riding in the pasture. She is very healthy, straight teeth, eats well with pellets and grass. Gets along well with other male and mare horses. Not scared of animals. Not scared if trash cans, bad weather, vet wo
... more»rk, easy to saddle and briddle up. Now we searched the horse but dont know where my mom out the painted Tennesse walker papers but a vet will be called to examine her and have her feet in tip top shape. She has not be rode in a few years so i saddled her up and road for 15 minutes( in shorts lol) She surprised me and my dad but her disposition and underdering what I whated her to do. She also back up. I was injured in baghdad Iraq with CPTSD, Traumatic brain injury, anxiety and anxious. I was also a 20 year retired pokice officers but was even more. She it triggers me and my dad due to it reminds us seeing mom doing what she she loved. She was a mounted Patrol in Galveston,TX. Sassy came feom East Texas who bread paint walkers. She is not injured or showing any problem. We will also be selling all her tac gear. 1 cold coat, 2 saddle pads, front and rear girth (2) breast strap (2) a leather cooler that attaches to the horn. The saddle is fairly new and worn a hand form of times. The safdle is a Dakota made for the hire model 750 w 15” saddle along with a saddle holder. Come out and ride! All goes with Sassy. Contact Ricci 281-235-6715 or Big Ric 409-370-2150

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