Appaloosa Gelding

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4 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
Reg Number
15.2 hh
Foal Date
April, 2001
United States
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Appaloosa Gelding for Sale in Eminence, MO

For sale, twenty year old appaloosa gelding. I’ve owned him since the day he was born, but can no longer give him a good home. Want better for him. He is very dear to me and I will be particular who buys him. He’s very well broke, and has plenty of get-up-and-go despite his age. For experienced riders only. He knows when he’s got someone who’s not got a clue what they’re doing on him and will take advantage of them. Does not buck but did crow hop with me once in his lifetime. (That was when I had an un-experienced rider on him with me) Can be left in a field for long spells, and then pulled out, saddled and can be ridden without being lunged first. I’ve often gone out with just a lead rope around his neck for short rides. Takes the saddle very well. Only been shoed a handful
... more» of times but did well with the farrier. Has strong hooves. I’ve covered many a mile on gravel roads with him in our younger years and next to never bothered shoeing him. Easy to catch. Responds to both reins and leg pressure. Can be rode with nothing but a halter and lead rope. Not sure how he’ll do with trailer loading. Hasn’t been in one for over fifteen years, but the few time he was, he did fine. His only issue is being tied. He cannot be tied. He comes unglued almost instantly. Won’t even allow himself to be lead to a tree if he knows he’s about to be tied. Been like that almost all his life and I have no idea why. Guess it’s the appy in him. I’ve trained horses since I was sixteen (I’m thirty-seven now) and have broke and worked with trouble horses for years, but have never been able to break him of this. So I trained him to stand when the lead rope is dropped while I saddle him. Our field is small and cannot sustain him very well and I no longer have time to ride anymore. He’s a social bug and loves to be around people and other horses and to go out on rides. So I’ve finally decided to part with him with the hopes he can live out the rest of his life in a better home than the one I have for him. He’s already beginning to thin due to lack of grass but is healthy and sound. Hoping to find him a good home soon. Thanks for your interest.

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A post office called Eminence has been in operation since 1844. According to one account, Eminence was so named on account of its lofty elevation, however, this interpretation is disputed.

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