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Harry Houdini
Bay Overo
1 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
Reg Number
12.0 hh
Foal Date
May, 2018
United States
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Pony Stallion for Sale in Kanosh, UT

Let me introduce this wonderful 2yr old grade pony, Mr. Harry Houdini! The greatest investment you can make for your kids. GENTLE as they come, rides really nicely. You can take him to an arena and up trails and he will do anything he’s asked. Houdini LOVES people. He gets along with anything he’s penned with. No issues at all, he is such an easy critter to have around. Super easy to catch. He ties and saddles perfect. Houdini loves being groomed. NO buck and NO spook in him. My 2 year old daughter rides him all over and leads him. The neighborhood children mawl him regularly. He’s well known and very loved! You will never find a sweeter and well mannered 2 year old colt. Harry Houdini is incredible. He is the right age and size for your children to grow up with! He puts up with any
... more» and all funny business. Harry Houdini is still in tact; so, he would be a perfect animal for anyone looking to start the production of a kid pony program. He is 12 hands tall. This is your chance to make large ponies with great personalities! Or take and make him the world’s greatest gelding: your choice 😉

About Kanosh, UT

Chief Kanosh began a small farm in this area before the arrival of the Mormons in Utah. His band of the Pahvants were based in this vicinity. In 1859, Peter Robison and Peter Boyce began the aptly named settlement of Petersburg. This was not far from the current site of Kanosh. The town of Kanosh dates back to April 28, 1867 when Brigham Young, with the approval of Chief Kanosh, advised the pioneers to move from Petersburg (later Hatton, Utah) to the area then known as the campground of the Pahvant band of the Ute Tribe.

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