2 Quarter Horses

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2 Quarter Horses

Quarter Horse
5 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
Reg Number
15.2 hh
Foal Date
April, 2007
United States
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Quarter Horse Mare for Sale in Lancaster, NY

Corona is a 13 year old, palomino Quarter horse mare. She is 15.2 hands high. She is AQHA registered. She is truly an all around horse, at her best when challenged with something new - a quick learner! She enjoys an interesting dressage lesson, appreciates a run around barrels, willingly participates in ground work, carries her rider over small jumps, likes trail rides, understands bitless, neck rope, bareback riding etc. This horse enjoys and takes pride in her work, when pleased she rides with her tail held up and gently swishing. She rides in English and Western saddles as well, and accepts curb and snaffle bits. Corona has impeccable ground manners, she won’t step on your feet. She has shown once before a few years ago and she placed first in an entry level dressage test. Loads an
... more»d stands for the vet and farrier no problems. She lives happily with large groups of other horses or just one buddy. I’ve kept her barefoot for more than 4 years all weather with no problems, but she has no problems being shod either. She’s never had a veterinary emergency or anything similar while with me. While she is a good student, Corona wouldn’t suit a beginner. She has a low tolerance for loud hands, unbalanced impatient riders etc. But for the devoted partner she could be every thing you’re looking for! Penny is a 23 1/2 year old chestnut paint Quarter horse mare. She is 14 hands high. Penny’s favorite activity is trail riding, and she rides her best in new exciting places. Penny also likes to do new things, she’ll go over a few small jumps once a month. She is a goofball, she makes me laugh when I’m around her. She rides best in a mild snaffle or curb bit, but a curb isn’t really necessary on her. She was a lesson horse for many years, she’d be a great young adult’s horse. I say young adult because she can be rather cheeky, as she learned a few bad habits from her lesson years, so she needs some moderate supervision around small children. She would also suit an adult hobbyist looking for a calm trail horse. Penny would likely be the lead mare in a herd. She has only gotten happier and healthier during her 5 years with me, but she does have a lingering cough that comes when warming up, it improves further with regular appropriate work and in clear weather (cold winter and moderate summer). She’s never had a veterinary emergency or anything similar while with me. She has been kept barefoot with no issues. Loads and stands for the vet and farrier no problem. Penny will be your quirky ride or die reliable trail buddy. I have many pics and videos of them being ridden and their tack. Please inquire to see them. These two must be sold as a pair, this is not very flexible. They are bonded since living with just each other for 5 years. They’re a team on the trail. They whinny to each other when one comes back to the barn. They take turns napping together in the pasture. They share their hay at dinner. They groom each other. All of their tack is included with them. Two western saddles, two bareback pads, an english saddle, a western and english girth, two bridles (with snaffle and curb bits), winter blankets (in decent shape), grooming tackle, halters and lead ropes, a lunge line.

About Lancaster, NY

In 1803, the Holland Land Company sold its first plot of land in the future town. The town of Lancaster was formed from the town of Clarence in 1833. The town was named after Lancaster, Massachusetts, but the reason for applying this name is not known. Originally called "Cayuga Creek", the town later incorporated and obtained the current name. Lancaster has the oldest stone structure in Erie County, the Warren Hull House.

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