Dream Fox Trotter Gelding

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Dream Fox Trotter Gelding

Missouri Fox Trotter
1 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
Reg Number
14.2 hh
Foal Date
May, 2016
United States
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Missouri Fox Trotter Gelding for Sale in Fairview, UT

ACE IS SOLD - We specialize in training 1-3 horses each year like Ace. Contact us for more info about our upcoming horses! Ace is about as close to perfect as they come. He is trained to do any and everything that you could possibly teach a horse to do. He reminds me so much of Trigger, the famous palomino trick horse, because he is incredibly smart, personable, and you can really teach him anything! Ace has a foundation in Clinton Anderson’s Fundamentals both under saddle and on the ground. He is a willing, respectful partner and friend. He rides like a reining horse, but moves like a Fox Trotter. He knows leg cues, how to spin, stops on a dime, and side passes like a dream. He has a dreamy, smooth gait and lope. He has a laid back, surfer dude personality. It is very hard
... more»to get Ace’s panties in a bunch. He is not spooky. I would describe him as really easy going, incredibly sweet, and people-oriented. He thrives off of love, attention, and praise. With a little praise, he’ll do just about anything for you. Ace loves learning tricks! He knows almost every trick in the book and is always happy to show off. Give us a call if you are interested in Ace! You are more than welcome to come try him out for yourself.

About Fairview, UT

Located at the confluence of the San Pitch River and Cottonwood Creek, Fairview is the largest town in the northeast end of the Sanpete Valley. Founded in 1859, soon after the resettlement of nearby Mount Pleasant, Fairview was one of the first new towns established during the second wave of Mormon settlement in Sanpete County. Impressed with the possibilities of the area while gathering wild hay there in early 1859, James Naylor Jones, Isaac Young Vance, Warren P. Brady and Jehu Cox wrote to Brigham Young asking for permission to create a settlement. The pragmatic church president responded, "If there is water for thirty families, you have my permission." At an organizing meeting held on October 1, 1859 in Mt.

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