7 YO Draft Cross Gelding

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7 YO Draft Cross Gelding

6 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
Reg Number
16.0 hh
Foal Date
January, 2013
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United States
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Draft Gelding for Sale in Silver Bay, MN

LONG READ: It is with a HEAVY heart that I am listing my seven year old draft cross gelding who was initially sold to me as ex-bucking stock that wasn't very good at his job. I fell in love with his kind eye and gorgeous look and he has been with me for almost three years now since. Finn has been my absolute pride and joy - or was - until 9 months into owning him and working with him almost daily to get him started and riding under saddle I sent him to a "trainer" to get some finishing touches on him and we just have not had the same connection we had before I sent him since. The final straw was a scary fall I took from him this last fall (my first time coming off of him and it was his fault). In the first nine months of me owning Finn, before the life-altering experience of send
... more»ing him to a "trainer" that ruined all progress we made, I got him started under saddle, I had 5+ people on his back including a brand new rider, I went on a nine mile cattle drive (one of the best experiences and memories of my life, and he did absolutely amazing with not one issue), and had him pretty well desensitized both on ground and in the saddle. I got to a point of trusting him so much I would sit on my phone scrolling through facebook while riding bareback. I explain all of this because I do believe there is hope for Finn to reconnect with a CONFIDENT rider as from last June to October I had a fabulous trainer and her apprentice working with him successfully - I have multiple videos from this last fall of 2019 to show the progress they made with him and what a confident rider is capable of doing with him at walk, trot, and canter. I unfortunately have not been able to trust him since he returned from the first "trainer" and my confidence in riding him went from the texting while bareback on him to scared to even get on him. This is me being absolutely transparent and honest to make sure that the home he could end up at knows as much about his past as possible. I will say it again that with a CONFIDENT and skilled rider, I truly believe with all of my heart that Finn will do wonderfully as he wants to please people and even after I took my tumble off of him a more confident rider got right on him after and had no issues riding him around. He needs a CONSISTENT, KIND, PATIENT, FIRM BUT FAIR hand to get him back to where I had him my first nine months of owning him. I think if someone gave him the right job and can be the type of rider that I just mentioned above that he can be a great lifelong partner for someone - I was hoping he would be mine but again our connection has not been the same since I sent him to that terrible place and it unfortunately never will be - and coming to this realization has finally prompted me to list him. He has been sitting for the last four or five months. I am willing to answer any questions and give any info that someone who may be interested in him needs. I am just looking to get twelve-hundred dollars OBO for him which is what I paid three years ago to make him mine - I have put A LOT more money in him since then. He is regularly dewormed, trimmed, and has a clean coggins until April - if I still have him until then he will have a fresh one good for another year. I am hoping with all of my might that someone out there is willing to give him a "fresh start" that he really deserves. I have PLENTY of pictures and videos if anyone is interested - email me if you would like to see them. I could go on and on about him, but this is the end for this post. Currently located in Two Harbors, MN. Email with any and all questions. Thanks for reading.

About Silver Bay, MN

The city of Silver Bay was founded on May 1, 1954 after previously being known as the Beaver Bay housing project. The company town was built to process taconite mined and shipped by train from Babbitt, Minnesota, sixty miles to the northwest. Silver Bay attained widespread publicity in the 1960s when it was discovered that the Reserve Corporation was dumping taconite tailings into Lake Superior. In 1972 they were forced to stop and charged with violating the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1899, which prohibited the dumping of harmful materials into interstate waters. In 1977, after a long trial, a new waste-storage facility was built 7 miles inland.

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