Gypsy Vanner Of Foundation Breeding

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Gypsy Vanner of Foundation Breed
Gypsy Vanner
3 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
Reg Number
Foal Date
April, 2019
United States
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Gypsy Vanner Mare for Sale in Clarksburg, MD

We are offering Gypsy Vanner Foals of foundation breeding for sale in-utero. The dam is of foundation breedig, registered with GVHS, and has been DNA verified. Her pedigree includes legendary Gypsy Vanner's such as the Gypsy King, Shogun, and the Coal Horse, to name a few. These foals come from some of the best and most well-known Gypsy Vanners in the US and world. Sires have bloodlines from legendary Gypsy Vanner's such as Cushti Bok, The Lion King, & Latcho Drom, to name a few. We cannot guarantee the gender of the foal if you purchase the foal under a general contract not specifying the gender. We can guarantee the gender only if we accept a contract for a filly or a colt, in which case funds will be returned if the foal is not the gender of your choice. We only accept one (1)
... more»contract for a filly and one (1) contract for a colt. We offer a live foal guarantee. We offer a payment plan for in-utero foals with a deposit and monthly payments made through the time the foal is weaned with no additional boarding charges or fees. After the foal is weaned board and fees will be assessed and due until the foal is paid in full and goes home to your farm. $12,000 is the purchase price for a Gypsy Vanner foal of foundation breeding while the foal is in-utero. The purchase price of newly born Gypsy Vanner foals of foundation breeding start at $20,000 and can go up to $50,000. Get your dream Gypsy Vanner of foundation breeding now at a fraction of the purchase price! Contact us for further information! Also visit our website, link below.

About Clarksburg, MD

Clarksburg is named for trader John Clarke, and was established at the intersection of the main road between Georgetown and Frederick and an old Seneca trail. One of its earliest white inhabitants was a man named Michael Ashford Dowden, who in 1752 received a patent for 40 acres (160,000 m 2) from the colonial government called "Hammer Hill", and two years later permission to build an inn. The inn itself is a footnote in history, hosting the army of General Edward Braddock during the French and Indian War, serving as a meeting place for local Sons of Liberty in the years before the American Revolution, and possibly serving dinner to President Andrew Jackson on his way to his inauguration. Jamie, grandson of the trader, built a general store in the area around 1770, and over the next thirty years enough people moved to the area that Clark was appointed postmaster for the community. By 1875, Clarksburg was a major town in the northern part of the county, but the construction of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad undermined its economy.

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