11 Year OLD 15.1 Hand BAY Gelding

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11 Year OLD 15.1 Hand BAY Gelding

Quarter Horse
2 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
Reg Number
15.0 hh
Foal Date
January, 2008
United States
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Quarter Horse Gelding for Sale in Oak View, CA

If you like riding a brave handy and well trained horse with a good work ethic and one that is sure footed dependable and responsive then you are going to love Luke! This is Barbara’s favorite and if she was going to keep one this would be him! Luke is a well put together 15.1 hand 11 year old bay gelding that’s an absolute pleasure to ride and be around. This horse is rock solid to ride anywhere. In the arena Luke will be soft in the bridle, collects up nice and moves off of leg cues or hand cues or any combination with ease. He has a good slow jog, lopes out on cue and rates how fast or slow you want to go. He will move any of his feet independently of the others and places them exactly where we want them. Stops like a dead end street and will roll back and turn around with ease. He
... more»is awesome to ride on our mountain trails. Crosses the raging muddy deep river with precision and grace. Even when he cannot see the big boulders under the surface he trusts his rider completely and this is the thing we like best about him. Luke is confident and un concerned riding in the urban environment. Dogs, cars, bikes, trucks lawn equipment and such are of no concern to him. He will lead, follow or go out alone. It makes no difference to him. Luke is always gentle, gets along turned out with the other horses and has outstanding ground manners. He is a rock solid trail horse. he would do well penning or sorting or take him back to the ranch and put him back to work. He is good about everything we throw at him. He is 100% in every way. Safe sane and sound. There are few like him and you will drive the wheels off your pickup to one this good! This one is a keeper! 805-649-9398

About Oak View, CA

The town of Oak View was established as a 'bedroom community' during the late 1940s and early 1950s, primarily home to local oil industry workers who found work in nearby Ventura. Besides nearby downtown Ojai, Oak View is the only other town in the Ojai Valley with a discernible "downtown", which has developed along the Ventura Avenue/Highway 33 corridor. Oak View's 'downtown' has a number of businesses and services that have withstood the test of time and economic conditions. Among them, you'll find a post office, a grocery store, a grocery mart, one bank, a Thai restaurant, a coffee house/restaurant, a Mexican restaurant, a pizza parlor, two automobile repair shops, two tire shops, two self-serve gasoline stations, two coffee shops, an equipment rental yard, several hair stylists, a pet supplies store, a liquor store, a walk-in medical office, a car wash, and a laundromat. At various times over the years, some locals have considered incorporating as a city, as an alternative to County of Ventura governance.

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