5 Year OLD 14 Hand BAY Gelding

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5 Year OLD 14 Hand BAY Gelding

Quarter Horse
2 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
Reg Number
13.0 hh
Foal Date
January, 2014
United States
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Quarter Horse Gelding for Sale in Oak View, CA

Flick is a super cute 5 year old 14 hand fun sized gelding. He is super gentle and friendly and loves people and attention. He rides great both in and out of the arena. He has a smooth jog and lopes out on cue when asked. He also has a great stop and back up as well. Easy to side pass him over and open and close the gates. Flick is outstanding to ride out. He is a brave horse that’s safe and solid in the rough country. He was the first one to willingly cross thru our deep murky muddy river after the heavy rains and had to lead the way for the older geldings although Kaylee did get her boots wet as it was deep! He will go anywhere we point him and trust his rider’s guidance. He will lead or follow, go out on his own or in larger groups as well. Flick is also a solid citizen to ride arou
... more»nd our busy neighborhood streets. Barking dogs, fast moving cars and bicycles are of no concern to him. Flick has also worked the feed lots and has logged many miles checking and moving cattle and working the gate. He is gentle and stays gentle with time off. This is a good natured kind and well-built horse that has his whole life ahead of him and would excel in many different areas. He has been good about everything and has no bad habits or issues of any kind. 100% safe sane and sound.805-649-9398

About Oak View, CA

The town of Oak View was established as a 'bedroom community' during the late 1940s and early 1950s, primarily home to local oil industry workers who found work in nearby Ventura. Besides nearby downtown Ojai, Oak View is the only other town in the Ojai Valley with a discernible "downtown", which has developed along the Ventura Avenue/Highway 33 corridor. Oak View's 'downtown' has a number of businesses and services that have withstood the test of time and economic conditions. Among them, you'll find a post office, a grocery store, a grocery mart, one bank, a Thai restaurant, a coffee house/restaurant, a Mexican restaurant, a pizza parlor, two automobile repair shops, two tire shops, two self-serve gasoline stations, two coffee shops, an equipment rental yard, several hair stylists, a pet supplies store, a liquor store, a walk-in medical office, a car wash, and a laundromat. At various times over the years, some locals have considered incorporating as a city, as an alternative to County of Ventura governance.

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