Herald - For Adoption

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Herald - For Adoption

Quarter Horse
3 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
Reg Number
14.0 hh
Foal Date
January, 1997
United States
Ad Status

Quarter Horse Gelding for Sale in Elgin, TX

Herald is a Hurricane Harvey victim that was placed with BEHS when the owner could no longer care for him after the storm. He does not appear to have been handled much. He was very hard to catch, but he loaded and lead well after being caught. He is currently with a trainer. At Herald’s first foster home, he jumped a fence when he was pastured alone. At his current foster home, he pushed through an electric fence that was not on when he was kept alone. He prefers to be pastured with other horses. Herald prefers to be pastured with mares. His current foster home says, “His ideal forever home would have at least one laid back mare to be a constant companion for him.” Herald doesn’t seem to have had a lot of handling prior to coming to Bluebonnet. He was very hard to catch,
... more» but he loaded and lead ok once caught. He went to a trainer for evaluation who said he was easy to handle in a stall or small pen but was not good outside that area. The trainer worked on his ground work skills. His current foster home is now able to catch him in a 3 acre pasture. He is very pushy with his foster “mom”, but he is more respectful with her teenage sons and husband and may do better adopted by a man. Herald is learning to lounge but still needs someone with experience to work with him. He will load in a trailer but needs someone to tap him on his rump to convince him to take the final step (his foster home is working with him). He will load this way in both a slant load or stock trailer. He loves to be brushed and loves attention. His foster home says, “He is still a little spooky about certain sudden movements and new loud unknown noises. He has walked over a tarp but is still hesitant but with reassurance will walk over it. He does listen when told to Walk when going through gates if off lead. Also if he is eating he has a tendency to paw at the ground or if he is upset that he is not being let out of his turn out into the pasture with the others fast enough he will paw at the gate for attention. If I tell him “Foot down” or “No Herald” in my “MOM” voice he stops immediately. Uncle Herald does amazing babysitting our weanling filly. He is very patient. If she runs off to far from him in the pasture or just is all up in his business he will “Grumpy old man mumble” at her (its barely audible) first and then if that doesn’t work he just gently nudges her away.” Being fostered in Elgin, TX

About Elgin, TX

The City of Elgin owes its existence to a major flood of the Colorado River in 1869. Originally, the railroad was to have run from McDade, 10 miles (16 km) east of Elgin, southwest to the Colorado River at a point somewhere between Bastrop and Webberville, then to Austin following the river. In 1871, the Houston and Texas Central Railroad (succeeded by the Southern Pacific Transportation Company) built through the area and established a flag stop called Glasscock named for George W. Glasscock, a local resident and Republic of Texas soldier who lived in the area in the 1830s. Glasscock was renamed on August 18, 1872, for Robert Morris Elgin, the railroad's land commissioner, following the practice of naming new railroad towns after officers of the company.

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