Quarter Horse Mare

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Quarter Horse
3 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
Reg Number
14.0 hh
Foal Date
January, 1992
United States
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Quarter Horse Mare for Sale in Payette, ID

This is Starburst, a 24 year old 14.3HH (haven't taped) possible Quarter Horse Mare. She is a rescue so we don't know much about her so her breed is unknowm but from riding her and being around her we believe she's Quarter Horse with some Appoloosa. Starburst has a sweet personality and has lots of life left in her. When she came to us she was 300lbs underweight and looked horrible. Now she's back to weight and being ridden. We have been riding her for 5 - 6 months and she does great! Never bucked, reared, or nipped at a horse or human. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She loads in a trailer (doesn't like to back out though), ties, stands good for farrier (she does NOT need shoes), saddles, and rides good. She picks up all 4 feet and let's you do anything with her. She doesn
... more»'t like getting wet but does walk through puddles. Starburst takes a bit and we currently have her in a Tom Thumb Snaffle but you can switch it if you like. She has a nice long tail and currently growing out her mane. I have taken her over jumps before and she jumps wonderfully, because of her past she does get a bit frightened by the jumps but once you take her over once she doesn't reject them. We have taken her on trails, rode walking, we have done arena work, jumping, etc. She does need a little work on lunging on a lead line but that might be because she has always been free lunged in a round pen and we don't have one. She is also very easy to catch and usually comes right up to the gate. She is scared of whips or swinging lead ropes, the velcro on a fly mask (she just backs up so you can still put one on her), and getting a hose down. She also likes to suck in to make herself look skinny, never figured out why. We give her Proforce Senior all year round with a joint supplement and a top line grain to help add muscle to her back. Please text me at (801) 686 - 5201 for more information or pictures! We are located in Payette Idaho!

About Payette, ID

The settlement was originally named "Boomerang," a construction camp for the Oregon Short Line from 1882-84 at the mouth of the Payette River. Logs were floated down the river to the sawmills at the camp to produce railroad ties. After completion of the railroad, the settlement moved upstream to its present site and incorporated in 1891 as "Payette," to honor Fran├žois Payette, a French-Canadian fur trapper and one of the first white men to explore the area. He arrived in present-day Idaho from Astoria and was later the head of the Fort Boise trading post for the British Hudson's Bay Company from 1835-44. A large merry man, Payette was highly regarded for his helpful assistance to the many travelers who came through the fort.

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