Dubai Gold

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Dubai Gold

Quarter Horse
3 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
Reg Number
15.0 hh
Foal Date
January, 1999
United States
Ad Status

Quarter Horse Stallion for Sale in Merritt Island, FL

‘Dubai Gold’ (registered name: Tardáis El Nino) is a palomino, pure quarter horse mare. 2nd Level in dressage and jumps 2’3” all day long. Trails rides excellently with others and can go all day long, also been on the beach. Knows half-pass, shoulders in, haunches in, was working on pirouette and is very good in transitions. Been to shows and placed 1st in training and 1st level. Perfect for either beginner, due to very calm and loving nature, listens to all cues without over reaction; and/or intermediate eventer for she does have great get-up-and-go when asked. She has had all types of people ride her and has never spooked once. Has been through de-spooking courses, where they would flap tarps and shoot off guns from her back, so you can now put on various head gears and fabr
... more»ics, while trotting around without a care in the world. Often follows others around and lunges with voice commands. Loads, clips, ties (can also ground tie), and stands for farrier, vet, dentist (goes barefoot with no problems though). No kicks, no bites; Negative Coggins and HYPP negative. Has had a palomino colt if you plan on breeding. Double registered in both Quarter Horse and Palomino. Comes to you when in the field and isn’t lead mare in the herd. Must sell due to rapid downsizing of herd. Asking $10,000. If interested, please contact Angelica at and (321) 514-3402 [cell]. Video of her jumping @:

About Merritt Island, FL

Merritt Island owes its name to the king of Spain. The entire island was part of a land grant given by the king to a nobleman named Merritt. Archaeological excavations have uncovered the fossils of extinct animals such as mastodons, giant land tortoise, camel, glyptodont, horse, mammoth, giant armadillo, peccary, and tapir, which lived in the area up to 11,000 years ago. Their extinction was part of a larger North American die-off in which native horses, mastodons and other camelids also died out. Possibilities for extinction include global climate change and hunting pressure from the arrival of the Clovis people, who were prolific hunters with distinct fluted stone tools which allowed for a spear to be attached to the stone tool.

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