2 Rare and Gorgeous Friesian Cross Colts

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Friesian Stallion for Sale in Honeoye, NY

I have two black / white Friesian cross colts, both out of ASB mares. They are true black and white tobianos. Actually, one may be smokey black and white, as his dam is. He could be tested for the dilute gene. If he is, that would make him more rare and valuable. The colts would make an excellent matched driving pair, as they should mature around the same height (probably 16h) and their markings are very closely matched. They are very sweet and willing, level headed, and very flashy. Price REDUCED to $4, 000-4, 500 each or $7500 as a pair to make room for foals coming soon. You usually can't get 1 blk / white Friesian cross for less than $7, 500! E - mail for more details and photos.

About Honeoye, NY

The name Honeoye comes from the Seneca word ha-ne-a-yah, which means lying finger, or where the finger lies. The name comes from the local story of a Native American whose finger was bitten by a rattlesnake and who therefore cut off his finger with a tomahawk. The area that is now the hamlet of Honeoye is thought to have first been inhabited by the Point Peninsula Indians more than 10,000 years ago. Following them came the Seneca, who settled their village at the northeast part of Honeoye Lake, just north of the present-day community of Honeoye Lake Park. During the American Revolution, this Seneca village was destroyed by General John Sullivan in September 1779 as part of his campaign to eliminate the threat from the Iroquois, most of whose nations were allied with the British.

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