Bay Colt-Strong Gait & Friendly

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Paso Fino
3 (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
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Paso Fino Stallion for Sale in Danville, PA

Very friendly colt, halter broke and stands quietly and patiently while you work with him. Worked with daily since birth and he loves the attention, loves to be petted and talked to. Picks up all four feet nicely and was a breeze to halter break. Very intelligent and learns quickly. Will be a good size, dam is 14. 2h. He has lots of brio (check out his bloodlines!) , is a true sweetheart and has no meanness in him whatsoever. Start him your way, either for trail or show, I know he will excel at both. Will be weaned in April and can be gelded at that time. A good home is top priority. I have two more babies coming and he deserves more attention than I will be able to give him. $5, 000 terms may be considered. Picture taken at 4 days old - already in gait!

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