Wonderful, All Around, Quite, Young, Family Horse

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Horses For Sale
Bay Roan
Ralston, WY 82440
(Sale Pending) Very sweet in your pocket horse. The one I can just get on and go with even if its for a quick evening jaunt around the neighborhood bareback with a halter. Loves attention, a very willing, but not a very fast horse. Has three solid and very smooth gaits, plow reins/neck reins, and stops and terns nicely. Loads beautifully, ties, clips, baths, and stands perfectly for the farrier and while you get on. Is an easy keeper and doesnt need shoes. She has done just about everything. Good with nervous parents, beginners, and little kids, pretty much bombproof. She could care less about cars, dogs, and other crazy running horses/animals. Has been ridden in parades, along highways, and in small rodeo/gymkhana competitions. She carries a flag like a pro and will drag a log, cow, young horse, or cart. Can be ponied and packed up a trail, loves water and will walk across any bridge. Can open/close gates off of her. Have competed in 25mile endurance races and small eventing competitions. Would make a wonderful youth gymkhana/4-H horse. We are currently training her for mounted shooting. I am looking for that little kid that would love to grow with her that will play and ride her, take her to shows/competitions, and give her the attention she wants that also has a parent that then could take her hunting or work cows with her. She is a safe all round sound and quite little horse that will give you her all if you ask for it! Pictures and Video available upon request!