well started riding Smokey Black Mare, English-Endurance prospect

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Half Arabian
Smokey Black
Well started Western
Medina, ND 58467
--Well started riding, 15.1hh, 2010, Smokey Black Mare, English-Endurance prospect. Registered part-Arabian --She does neck rein, and use to being ridden with western saddle. --TRIQUETRA PRINCESS is a "smoky black" with dapples, due to being sired by a black stallion and out of a palomino mare. New hair coat is black for winter, and during summer she sun fades to brown, short hair around muzzle and flanks, etc. will sun bleach to palomino color. Smoky black is produced by the action of a heterozygous (single copy) cream gene on an underlying black coat color. The Arabian Horse Association does not offer smoky black as a color choice, even though DNA testing could probably prove so. So she is registered as a black, but she sun fades. She has a three cornered star ("Triquetra" means 3-cornered). --PRINCESS has a lot of personality and is curious about everything. She is registered as a half Arabian, but in reality she is 23/32 Arabian, 1/4 Spanish Mustang, and 1/32 Quarter Horse. She is good medium sized muscle/boned individual with very good withers to hold a saddle (absolutely not mutton withered). With her length of neck and limbs, leg action and flexibility, she could do well in English. She had foal imprint, friendly, and has the nice disposition of her sire. --She loads well into a slant load trailer, and rides well. Stands good for farrier, but I have not introduced her to the clippers yet. --We vaccinated annually in March for rabies, tetanus, E-W sleeping sickness, and West Nile. --SIRE: EOPOLUS "Elvis" 588055, a pure Polish black herd sire by OPUS ONE+ and out of EPILOGIA WMF. ELVIS has a beautiful disposition. He is currently a very competitive endurance horse in California. His picture is shown, and he has action! --DAM: TBA BARBIE, who was our registered palomino mare. BARBIE was out of a palomino 7/8 registered Arabian dam and by a registered Spanish Mustang sire. Her picture is also shown. --I have COPD, and last years hot/humid summer had kept me from riding her at that time. Then for the nice fall season, I had an accident with my Morgan that caused me a bad back lower injury, so ruined any fall work and trail riding, I still have back problems and Dr's recommend me not to ride, so Princess should go to someone who can spend time and enjoy her. --PRINCESS has had professional training on her to the point of being well started, and has the basics, including neck reining. She is use to being ridden with a plantation bit with shanks. She has been on a few trial rides, worked cows (but she's not a natural cowhorse), and she really seems to enjoy arena work. Her trainer put about 16 days of spring brush-up training in May 2016, and got Princess started on half pass on the arena diagonal. She has over 90 rides on her, and keeps getting better with more experiences. Her trainer commented that Princess is never tired out after a work out and does not break out much sweat, and she seems to enjoy trail riding, and especially arena work. The Trainer feels Princess could really excel with English dressage if she got into the right hands. --PRINCESS might be a good endurance prospect too, her sire is very competitive in endurance riding in California. She still spooks now and then at new things, very alert, sensitive, attentive, and will travel with a brisk walk. If she does spook, often she just spooks in place with a few quick up and down footsteps. But if she spooks more then that, she always reins to a stop, she is not a bolter. She is to lively a horse for beginner, a middle intermediate on up should be able to handle her if familiar with horses that have a little spirit and are not doggy. If carrying a halter in view, she is usually easiest to catch with a little feed or horse cookies. She is use to ranch living, open pole barn shelter and summer barb wire fenced larger pasture. --Visit our website for her pedigree http://www.the-broken-arrow.com/horses.htm