Well Broke All Around gelding

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Quarter Horse
ranch versatility
Dillon, MT 59725-
Gunner is 1250 pounds and 15-2 hands.  A great horse to show in Ranch versatility. We have owned him since he was a three year old.  Good to start, he was very responsive and very trainable.  Gunner has done everything imaginable on the ranch-- dragging calves to the fire, roping both ends outside doctoring, roping both ends out of the box and on the heel-o-matic.  He has gathered, sorted, shipped yearlings, trailed cows, etc.  Very surefooted in any kind of rough country, he crosses bogs, rivers, streams, bridges, badger holes, steep rock slides, downfall, chest deep snow, and stays very careful and quiet.  Gunner has been shown successfully at the local working cow horse show in snaffle, hack-a-more & bridle classes.  He opens/shuts gates, changes leads every other stride, lopes in place, backs, spins, has a very big stop, cuts a cow beautifully, works a cow or buffalo, works a mechanical cow or a flag.  He will pack anything or lead a pack string and has been on several pack trips, where he high lines, hobbles to stand still, is electric fence smart, and does not panic when the rope gets under his tail or when hung up in wire.  Gunner is very gentle, is easy to catch (even in big pastures), hauls (in open stock or slant load trailers), loads, tacks up, shoes, bathes --he has no vices, no scars, loves people and is very broke.  He has been ridden by several different people of all levels and abilities and is a gentleman and a champ.  Gunner is an exceptionally well-trained, all-around horse that has always worked for a living.  All of our horses are used to day work at local ranches.  We also use Gunner as a demo horse at our clinics - where we work colts on him and he stays quiet and responsive to what we are doing to the colt.  He's had tarps, flags, slickers, bottles with rocks, and balls worked around him, trail course items, he does them all.  He walks through trail courses at our clinics and doesn't blink an eye at anything we put him through or over.  He has a good back and good withers and is  sound with good hard feet.  Gunner is a horse anyone would be glad to own - he has a great personality and is copper colored with lots of white. He has been used for sorting, cutting at the gate calves from cows, penning, he is an excellent all around well broke gelding.