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Tennessee Walking
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14.0 hands
United States

Sweetiest, Cutest, horse in the barn

Woodstock is the cutes, sweetest horse in my barn and probably any barn filled with riding horses. He is 12 years old and stands 14-3 hands he’s a line back dun with a thick soft main and tail. My son has road him just about everywhere in a saddle and bareback. I have road him and really enjoyed the ride too. He is little but don’t let that fool you he has enough engine to carry a woman or a small man all day and if you have any back or knee issues he might be your answer. He’s as smooth as they get. You can ride him away from the barn/horse trailer with or without anyone. He’s quiet on the trail and you can ride him anywhere in a group of other horses (front, middle, or last) it doesn’t bother him. Woodstock can be ridden threw water (mudpuddles, rivers, and into lakes), he steps over logs, walks up and down hill, and will go through any obstacles. You can wave plastic bags, carry tarps, hang all over him, and stand in the saddle. Woodstock will stand while being washed, groomed, saddled, bridled, mounting, and shoeing. He’s so good with his feet that kids can pick up his feet. And if a rope gets around his leg he just stands there. We have road him along dirt/paved roads, and hwy’s, where hikers, bicycles, 4wheeler, dirt bikes, cars, trucks towing boat/horse trailers, semi’s, he doesn’t spook for anything on the trail or road. He loads, unloads, and has great ground manners. I am selling Woodstock because I have to many horses. He is such a wonderful horse that I hate to see him standing in a run or out in the pasture all the time. He’s a horse that has been down a lot of trails and has a lot more trails that he can go down. I’m asking $5500 obo. Please call or text @ 719-650-0010 and leave a message. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your time.

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