Stunning Friesian Gelding with a heart of gold!

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38548 BUFFALO VALLEY, TN 38548
"Ouke" (born April 24, 2004) is a 2004, stam 8, ster gelding that was a 1st premie stud colt, went ster stallion at age 3, and was gelded a couple years later. His Star linear scores were 7, 6.5, 7, 6.5, and 7. He is from strong stam 8 and his dam is 1 shy of preferent, which would make his paper a full paper with all preferent mares in the mare line. Sired by Wicher 334 x Leffert 306 pref x Wypke 277 x Wessel 237 pref., mare line stb x ster pref5, x model pref4 x ster pref9, standing at 16 hands. He has won many ribbons in the show ring both at lower level dressage and especially in harness with marathon: obstacles, cones, and dressage driving; single, pair, and team. We bought him for driving, although to be honest we never did get to that. He has a strong coupled body with copious mane and a stallion neck, which makes him baroque looking. His small white star is accepted and noted on his paper. KFPS/FHANA registered. We purchased this horse two years ago and he has not done much other than go on a couple trail rides since. We are selling him because he is going to waste as a pasture ornament.Contact 641xx390-66-32