Strong, Handsome Paint Gelding

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Horses For Sale
Black Overo
Western Trail
Divide, CO 80814
Luke is a friendly, good-looking fellow with a nice personality. We got him seven years ago, green broke, starved, and neglected. Since then he’s grown a few inches, filled out big time, perked up considerably, and become a good solid trail horse that is fun to ride and pretty safe for kids and beginners. He can be a little nervous at times, like when he’s ridden out alone, but I’ve been riding out alone a lot lately and he’s getting used to it and steps out fine. Luke doesn’t bite, kick, buck, or rear; his worst flaw is just a tendency to shift around nervously a bit, and occasionally shy. This could probably be fixed with more handling, I just don’t have the time I’d like to give to him. He learns fast, and is fun to work with, very peppy and sweet. He’s curious and alert when out on the trail, and though he isn’t always trying to break into a trot like our other geldings are, he’ll give them a run for their money when he’s asked. When they’ve run away on the trail, he’s chased them down and cut them off, handling beautifully, though he’s never been trained for that type of work. He’s been pastured with cows and is quite comfortable with them; though he hasn’t been trained as a ranch horse there’s not much doubt he could make a good one. He has a nice steady jog, a fast, energetic trot, a smooth, slow lope, a long, ground-eating canter, and a powerful gallop. He needs a bit of tuning up on the cues for these. Luke is a very easy keeper. He’s got sound wind and good endurance, which could probably be made even better with regular riding. He’s just had his hooves trimmed—he’s been barefoot since we got him—and he was wormed at the end of April. Selling him because I’m moving to Chicago and I don’t think I can find an apartment for the both of us. Price is negotiable to a good home. Also selling his 15-inch black leather saddle and a felt withers pad for $175. Just send me an email, a text, or call me for more info, pictures, and/or to come see him. Thanks for looking!