Reg Appy Mare Owner ILL $ Red $900

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Dartmoor Pony
Chatham, MI
I have reduced her price from $1400. 00 As it is becoming more difficult for me to manage her care. She is only 7 years old and she is in great need of a new loving forever home. Bambi was raised around very small children, and she loves people. She has been handled regularly and also handled by a 13 year old girl. She loves to follow people around and will be the first to greet you when you arrive at the barn. She simply needs attention and to be ridden. I am the owner and am physically unable to ride any longer. I have raised and trained her from 8 months old. Bambi will need a refresher course as she has not been ridden outside of the round pen for a few seasons. Her only problem now is she is buddy sour. Inside the round pen and in the yard she is great, but start to leave off down the driveway and she turns and wants to head back to her buddy back at the pasture area (she only does this at a fast walk or trot though, nothing tragic like bucking and rearing) . An easy fix for someone that knows what they are doing. I wish I were able but I am not. If you are looking for a horse that will also be a friend and companion, trail ride, or you can take to the fair and for those 4- H competitions too, then look no further. She is young and you can grow together. She is built nicely with a heavy neck and shoulder and rump area. The pictures do not do her justice. Bambi also has a very full thick forelock, flowing mane and tail. Her heart is as good as gold too. The young girl in the photo is 15 and that is her first time riding Bambi, fall of 2010. She was only on her for about 15 minutes when her mom snapped the photo. Occasionally the kids in the neighborhood come over and ride her inside the round pen. They are inside the barn with her as they clean the barn and yards out for me, and brush her out too. You can rake and scoop around her legs and underneath her when she is tied and she doesn't care. Bambi will