"Raz" is a three year old filly Tennessee Walking Horse

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Tennessee Walking
SAN DIEGO CA 92192, CA 9219
"Raz" is a three year old filly Tennessee Walking Horse. She has beauty, brains, and personality. Raz stands over 14 hands, but I feel still might have a little bit of growing left to do. If you're looking for a horse that loves attention, look no further. Raz strives for your attention. She is the type of horse that wants to be in the barn if you're in the barn, or have her head over the stall for you to pet her. She loves to be groomed. Raz will stand quietly while being tied or in the cross-ties. You do not need to monitor her while being tied. I have bathed her and walked away while she dries without a problem. She was no problem with being bathed, groomed, or standing for the farrier. She is barefoot and has recently had her feet trimmed. Raz is also UTD on shots. She is not aggressive in the pasture either. As far as training goes, I have recently began training her. She is well-behaved on the lunge line. She wears a surcingle, saddle, and bridle without a single issue (not even the first time they were introduced.) I will soon begin riding her after I feel she has become confident with long lining, which doesn't seem to be a problem! This horse is a very quick learner. She has also been introduced to being clipped. I did not have a problem with clipping her muzzle, jaw, or front feet. I have not attempted to do her ears and back feet. I am typically by myself in the barn and did not want to be by myself whenever I attempted to clip these areas. However, I will be doing the rest of the clipping soon. Once she has figured out what you are asking of her, she has no problem doing it. She would make a good project horse for someone. If you're not looking to finish training, I am offering further training. I cannot say enough good things about this horse! I bought her at the beginning of summer because I wanted more horses to train throughout the summer. However, I am a college student that is finishing up my degree along with working and taking summer courses. I have found that my time in the barn in becoming limited, and I would truly hate to see this girl go to waste. She is way too beautiful and sweet to be sitting. I have been holding off offering her for sale due to me enjoying working with her so much. I am selling Raz for $1,100 OBO. I am a motivated seller. My price will become less negotiable the further her training has come. I have no doubt that she will be moving along quickly. With her price could include another 30 days of training, but this is at the new owners discretion. If her price does not work for you, call or text me and we might be able to work something out. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a day to come take a look at this pretty girl feel free to contact me. Please contact me at rodrickivanfoyet@gmail.com or by call/text (971) 248-7271. Don't miss out on this girl!