Purebred Arabian Stallion! $2,000 For Sale

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Fort Lauderdale, FL 33009
All Pictures and Videos are recent, taken after August 20th, 2016 Except for the last picture, which is of one of the colts he sired El Shadaahr, or "Little Man," is a 24 year old grey purebred Arabian stallion. A lot of life left in this horse, and more babies too! He has rare and prestigious bloodlines in the Arabian world, along with some Egyptian breeding. Bloodlines trace back to Nazeer and he is a descendent of multiple horses with a large % of Crabbet breeding. Sire (Rasmoniet RSI) and Grandsire (Rashad IBN Nazeer) were both bred by Pritzlaf and dam (Moon Mystique) was a foundation mare for Zandai Arabians of Georgia. Little Man is a super sweet stallion, he LOVES attention and is happiest when he is with you! He has an exceptional work ethic, he is always at the gate ready to go! He has a lot of energy and endurance, definitely more than my two 5 year old paints. He does well living in either a stall or an outdoor pen. Behavior wise, he does act study around mares and horses he does not know. His behavior has greatly improved since I have had him, but we think he was poorly handled by his previous owner. I use him for recreational trail riding and he does great with the other geldings and stallion we ride with. My friend also rides a paint mare who seems to be in heat 24/7 365, everyone does okay as long as they do not touch each other. He is a really good trail horse, would make a good riding horse for a teenager or lightweight adult. He is laid back and easy going on the trail, but will pick up his gaits when asked. This horse was rescued from a "big time" Arabian breeder and shower who ran out of money and let him starve. Please contact me for more information