Thoroughbred Horse for Sale in Blaine, TN

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For Sale
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16.0 hands
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United States

Project horse needs experience rider

Hurry Uncle Frank, nicknamed Flash, is a very sweet horse. Easy to catch, loads, leads, ties, and stands to be bathed. Flash needs an experienced rider because he will take advantage of someone who will let him get over on them. Flash is a nice mover but is SLIGHTLY back at the knee and probably could not jump very high even though he loves to jump. Trainer said he could go through the training levels of dressage and possibly level one, maybe higher. He'd be happier as a trail horse / fun horse. He has very good form, the vet and my trainer have approved him for any type of riding as long as he's not overly jumped at high heights or barrel raced. He can go barefoot or with shoes, doesn't matter either way to him. Currently wears shoes. Flash is in training for Dressage and is responsive on the bit and learning to yield to leg pressure. He walks, trots and canters but needs work on the canter since we've only been working on walk and trot. He was put most of the winter (maybe ridden once a week) and is ready to work. I ride him bareback with a halter and can walk and trot him and he's a perfect gentleman. I can run with him at liberty and he's right by my side, walk, trot, and canter and doesn't miss a step. He's clicker trained and can touch targets, smile and bow. Flash needs a KIND and PATIENT farrier. When we bought him as a two year old stud he had fairy feet and since then has never liked the farrier. He stands well for trims as long as the person he's bonded to stands with him and pets him. He bonds to one person and LOVES them and usually only them. As for shoes, he still needs work but is getting better. Hence the need for a patient farrier. Flash fights back if handled by an aggressive farrier! Our farrier has NEVER had to hit him and he does fine with patience and letting him realize no ones going to hurt him. Flash has never offered to kick or bite. I can hug him from behind and sit bene

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