OTTB dapple grey gelding

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Galt, CA 95632
Gorgeous 16.3 thoroughbred gelding , dapple grey. He is off the track, and I do not want him on the track ever again. He did have surgery on his right ankle which he had a fracture. There was 2 screws put in. He's never had any issues at all since I've owned him. He was cleared to race again after the surgery and physical therapy. But the agreement I made with the original owner, is that he's never to be in the track again. We don't want him living that lifestyle. He deserves better. Also, NO DANCING. He would be great perspective dressage, play, pleasure. He's a great husband horse. Best personality Ive ever seen in a horse. He's so trusting. Gets along great with other horses. Reason I'm selling him is because I have a one year old and am single mom. I don't have the time for him. I want to see him go to a good home who will love, take care of him, and spend lot of time with him. When I purchased him, I shortly after I found out I was pregnant. So I was able to ride a few times but because of my pregnancy I couldn't ride for very long after finding out I was. When I did ride him, I only use a halter and lead rope. He did everything I asked him without question. Obviously he does need training, because he only knows the basics. But he's so willing to learn and learns very quickly. When he was at one of the most prestigious racing stables, he was stalled unless out for training. So he never knew how to be a horse. First day I brought him home, he didn't know how to roll, run n buck, play like a horse should. He figured it out pretty quick. Made best friends with my standard bread mare. I would like to place them together but, it's not a must. If u have any questions please contact me. Serious inquiries only. No low balling.