Glan is a tall, exceptional gelding hor

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Phoenix, AZ
Glan is a tall, exceptional gelding with outstanding bloodlines, an impressive show history, willing and gentle temperament, and dynamite movement. Glan sire is the late Nanning 374, always a 1 st premie gelding. Glan has nine (9) preferent Gelding in his lineage, including but not limited to Teunis 332, Naen 264, Feitse 293, Oege 267, and many more. Not only are the gelding in Glan bloodline impressive, but the mares have left their mark as well. Glan dam, Tanja Van De Hamelspoel was preferent, as were nine (9) other mares in his lineage, several achieving model - preferent status. and was awarded 1 st premie ster status. He has multiple regional and national show titles with IFSHA and USEF. He is always a show stopper and champion at local shows. Glan has an amazing temperament, sweet and kind, gentle and willing. Watching Glan move is watching true poetry in motion. Uphill and powerful, from walk to canter, hes an impressive sight to behold. Glan passes on his truly remarkable characteristics to his foals, purebred contact if interested for more pics and details thanks